Beautiful And Inspiring Blue Kitchens

Do you know what is the most popular color used for home renovations of all kinds? This is blue! There are lots of shades of this color, it’s very versatile and gender-neutral, it’s calming and chic and never goes out of style. No wonder that there are so many blue kitchens around and if you haven’t decided how to incorporate this color into yours, here are some ideas.

Colors And Styles

Decide what shade of blue you will use or will there be several shades in décor? What other colors will you include – neutrals, white, black, greys? Make your kitchen super stylish with touches of brass. Gold or copper such shiny metals usually spruce up cold spaces and make them chic. Your style also matters and I can say that blues go well with any style, from farmhouse to industrial. If you want a moody space, prefer navy and midnight blue, if you are going for a modern light-filled space, think of pastel blues and light shades, and trendy two tone kitchens are also welcome – think navy and white or blue and white to make your space bolder.

Beautiful blue kitchen with lots of natural light, touches of gold and white countertops plus a backsplash.

Beautiful light blue kitchen with white marble countertops and a backsplash plus touches of gold and brass.

Blue farmhouse kitchen with wooden countertops, a white backsplash and pendant lamps.

Bright blue kitchen with a black tile backsplash, white stone countertops and touches of gold for more chic.

Bright blue kitchen with a white chevron tile backsplash, stainless steel appliances and simple handles.

A bright blue kitchen with sleek and shiny cabinets, a neutral tile backsplash and pendant lamps plus white countertops.

A chic navy kitchen with only lower cabinets, a marble countertop and backsplash, sconces and an open shelf.

Chic two tone kitchen in white and navy, with a white marble countertop and tile backsplash plus wooden stools.

Classic blue kitchen with a white subway tile backsplash, white countertops and wooden open shelves.

A light blue kitchen in vintage style, with neutral countertops, a large hood and kitchen island plus metal stools.


As blue shades are cold, you may want to add something to make the space more inviting, and the first thing that comes to mind is wood. Rich stained wood, brass and gold, copper and plywood – all these things are sure to warm up the space. Hang some cool pendant lamps or chandeliers to make the kitchen catchy and go for cool backsplashes and countertops – they may be the same or different to add even more catchiness to the space. Try a quirky and contrasting kitchen island that will make a statement in the space, it’s a bold trend for now and it’s sure to make your kitchen even more outstanding.

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Gorgeous Mid-Century Modern Kitchen Designs

Mid-century modern kitchen designs evolved after World War II, when the postwar housing boom called for an approach that was attainable on a mass scale. The style rose to prominence in the 1950’s and 60’s, these spaces being cozy and welcoming. Today mid-century modern style is definitely back, it’s the new black, and for good reason. This style is flexible and has a wide appeal that spans generations. Millennials appreciate the chic and cozy look, while older homeowners appreciate the style’s sense of nostalgia. Let’s take a look at creating a mid-century modern kitchen that will make everyone happy.


Most mid-century modern kitchens were built with a galley style layout, with two parallel countertops and a walking area in between. These kitchens were usually compact, and that can be a challenge when remodeling a mid-century home with today’s storage needs. Today most homeowners opt for a kitchen with a kitchen island to expand the cooking space and make the kitchen more comfortable to use.

Beautiful Mediterranean kitchen with light stained cabinets, stone countertops, a kitchen island and open shelves.

Chic mid-century modern kitchen with black cabinets, white countertops, white Moroccan tiles, light stained shelves.

Chic mid-century modern kitchen with dark stained cabinets and white ones. White stone countertops and a white tile backsplash and lights and lamps.

A chic mid-century modern kitchen with two tone cabinets, grey stone countertops, a white skinny tile backsplash and neutral fixtures.

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A chic mid-century modern kitchen with white cabinets, black countertops as well as a backsplash. A wooden kitchen island and leather stools

A cool mid-century modern kitchen with graphite grey as well as white kitchen with butcherblock countertops. A round table and wooden chairs, wooden open shelves.

Cool mid-century modern kitchen with white shaker style cabinets, a large hood, a grey kitchen island, open shelves as well as cool lamps.

Cozy mid-century modern kitchen with green cabinets, light-stained shelves, a hood, white countertops, a wooden kitchen island.

A cozy rich-stained kitchen with graphite grey stone countertops as well as white geometric tiles on the backsplash.

Materials And Finishes

Mid-century kitchens have characteristic clean lines, including plain countertops and edges. This minimalist look is in high demand today, so focus on bringing the mid-century kitchen to the 21st century by updating finishes, appliances, and storage. Stay true to the mid-century modern aesthetic, though, by choosing natural, no-fuss materials.

Updated cabinetry can transform the look and feel of the mid-century modern kitchen. Flat-panel cabinets work well with the clean lines of the design style. If opting for a natural wood, a continuous vertical grain direction adds to the detail. New cabinetry also provides a fantastic opportunity to add extra storage solutions to a modest-sized kitchen. For example, there are many creative design ideas to make use of unused corners, including clever diagonal drawers with custom dividers.

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Inspiring And Functional Attic Kitchen Decor Ideas

Many people think that the attic room is a big deal. You will have trouble designing the layout as well as try to squeeze your furniture into the corner of the attic. But I’m here to convince you that it’s not so! The attic kitchen decor can be comfortable and functional as well as can look very stylish. see ideas below!

Colors And Styles

What colors to choose for an attic kitchen? As this is often a small space, a neutral color palette can be a perfect solution. You may refresh the space with dark contrasting touches or with shiny metallics. Of course, you may rock a dark kitchen, too, but if the space is small, it can look even smaller, so I’d recommend this idea only for large attic kitchens. If you are choosing a style, try Scandinavian as it’s usually done in neutrals, go for contemporary or minimalist decor to achieve a sleek look – it is important to declutter a small space to make it look bigger. Modern farmhouse and just modern styles are also a very good idea, just keep the kitchen clean and sleek.

a contemporary white attic kitchen with a blue tile backsplash, white countertops and modern appliances is chic

a cozy attic kitchen clad with wood, with light stained cabinetry, pendant lamps, black stools and skylights

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a cozy small kitchen with large windows and a skylight, vintage ivory cabinetry, black square tiles, a rough wooden table and lots of plants

a grey farmhouse attic kitchen with butcherblock countertops, open shelves and wooden beams, a mirror and a vintage faucet

a grey Scandi attic kitchen with white subway tiles, black stone countertops, open shelves and neutral knobs is chic

a large neutral attic kitchen with a glazed ceiling, sleek white cabinets and countertops, pendant lamps and grey walls

a light blue attic kitchen with sleek cabinets and a kitchen island, a skylight, a potted plant and stools is chic

a lovely attic kitchen with white cabinets, a tall wooden kitchen island and table, a lovely woven lamp and artworks

minimalist attic kitchen with sleek cabinetry, tall stools, skylights, black fixtures looks very stylish and bold

a minimalist attic kitchen with sleek grey cabinets, skylights, potted plants is a chic and stylish space

a minimalist attic kitchen with sleek white cabinetry, a bold red fridge, wooden beams and lights over the spac


First of all, decide what you will have in that attic corner – will these be cabinets? Or a folding table or something else? If you are going for cabinetry, order proper pieces that would be attic, too. If you need a folding table or a seat, order it to make use of this small attic corner. Choose functional kitchen layouts – a galley or an L-shaped one, they will help you save the space and have everything at hand. If the space is really small, a kitchen island can work as a meal space, too. Make sure that you have enough skylights for natural light – it will visually expend the space and let you enjoy the views while cooking. Use lovely tiles for the backsplash and go for chic countertops to make the kitchen more stylish. Get inspired!

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Interesting Herringbone Backsplashes For Kitchen

Kitchen backsplash is the part that saves your walls from dirt and sparks or oil while cooking. There are bricks, hexes, and many other tile backsplashes. Glass and metal backsplashes and many other options to be realized. The herringbone pattern is probably one of the most classic things applied. You can try for your kitchen, it may not be a big trend not but a classic!

What Are Advantages Of A Herringbone Backsplash?

A herringbone backsplash will bring more interest and pattern to your kitchen and will easily fit many styles: modern, farmhouse, contemporary, Scandinavian and so on. Herringbone backsplashes can also bring texture if you take cement tiles, for example, or glossy ones. Let’s find out what types of tiles will fit such a backsplash in details.

Bright blue kitchen in vintage style, with dark countertops, wall-mounted shelves and beautiful white herrignbone backsplash.

Black farmhouse kitchen with white table, herringbone backsplash with black grout and floating shelves.

Chic white farmhouse kitchen with grey herringbone backsplash and white table plus touches of gold and brass.

Contemporary kitchen with white cabinetry, stained kitchen island as well as grey stone table plus herringbone concrete backsplash.

Contemporary blue kitchen with white quartz table, matching blue herringbone backsplash and black touches.

What Tiles Can Be Used For A Herringbone Backsplash?

A herringbone tile backsplash supposes a special type of tyle – skinny ones clad in this pattern as it will be difficult or unreal to clad such a pattern using other types of tiles. These tiles can be of various sizes and of different width depending on what effect you want. If you want a non-obtrusive backsplash, choose smaller sizes and if you want to make a statement, prefer oversized skinny tiles. Try cement tiles and not only usual ones to add texture to your kitchen sprucing up a neutral kitchen with such a backsplash is a brilliant idea! You may also highlight the backsplash with contrasting grout or make it more hidden with matching. Get inspired!

The green kitchen with white table and white herringbone backsplash plus floating shelves looks attractive.

Light blue IKEA kitchen with white table and white herringbone backsplash plus incredible floating shelves.

The wood kitchen is ligth stained with a grey herringbone backsplash slate as well as vintage black lights over the space.

A minimalist pigeon grey kitchen with shiny white herringbone backsplash and brass touches is a stylish and chic idea.

Minimalist light stained kitchen with stainless steel table and herringbone backsplash as well as walls for more interest.

Minimalist white kitchen with sleek wardrobe, white table, navy herringbone backsplash, and attractive lights.

The stained kitchen is fairly light with a white coutnertop and a grey cement herringbone backsplash plus stainless steel appliances.

Smooth blue kitchen with stained kitchen island and white table, white herringbone backsplash as well as floating shelves.

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Advantages and Disadvantages of Concrete Kitchen Table

Kitchen table may give your space a different look as besides being functional, they also have decorative value. You can choose materials such as Wood, stone, quartz, metal for the kitchen table. We have a much trendier and cooler idea – concrete tables! They give a cool modern feel to any kitchen and work well for such a functional space. Let me share more of the advantages of this table and even some disadvantages as well, to make it right.

Pros Of Concrete Countertops

Concrete tables can be used almost any kitchen, from minimalist and industrial. That’s obvious to a modern farmhouse and kitchen as it can be shaped to your liking. With other countertop materials, you are often limited to the colors and styles available, but concrete offers a wide range of more options. Broken glass, stone, shells, and even fiber optic lamps can be embedded.

Black farmhouse kitchen with concrete table, white tile backsplash as well as stainless steel appliances.

Black farmhouse kitchen with concrete table and white backsplash til plus stained wood shelves.

A contemporary kitchen with stained wooden cabinets, open shelves with built-in lamps and concrete countertops is a slick idea.

The black kitchen of the farmhouse with concrete tables, white skinny tile backsplash as well as lightly stained open shelves.

Gorgeous contemporary kitchen with sleek cabinetry, concrete countertops, fabulous wooden and metal shelves.

Modern kitchen with coral walls, light stained cabient, concrete table, black pendant lamp and some shelves.

Minimalist light stained kitchen with thick concrete countertops, wooden shelves as well as stainless steel appliances.

Modern industrial kitchen with white cabinetry and rugged wooden kitchen island, concrete coutnertop, wooden beams and pendant lamps.

Modern kitchen with green walls, white cabinets, thick cocnrete tables and stainless steel appliances and pendant lamps.

White kitchen with cocnrete table, white tile backsplash as well as chic black handles.

Cons Of Concrete Countertops

Concrete is a high-end material when used on kitchen tables, and requires the skills of trained technicians, so you probably won’t be able to make it yourself.

If you are averse to regular maintenance, then concrete may not be for you. Concrete does require annual resealing, at a minimum. Concrete can also easily get stains and they will be hard to remove.

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67 Tips on How to Design a Scandinavian-Inspired Kitchen

Some people might think that it is impossible to design a Scandinavian-inspired kitchen. The simple fact is that there are a lot of beautiful, interesting, and sometimes even unusual designs that you can use for your kitchen. While you will be working on it, your new kitchen will look very different from any other homes in your neighborhood and will definitely set the mood you’re going for.

When it comes to designing a kitchen backsplash, there are two common designs. One is the traditional pattern and the other is a type of floating designs. A simple pattern that you will find commonly used is two or three deep bowls with a small drawer in between them. Many people have done this for years with excellent results. Of course, if you really want to design a Scandinavian-inspired kitchen, you will want to add some Scandinavian touches to this kind of design.

The two most common materials used for a kitchen backsplash are wood and glass. The reason for this is that they will give your kitchen a warm, Scandinavian feeling. A wooden backsplash might look like a woodwork design and might be a bit heavy. Glass backsplashes are simple, modern, and easy to install. These are a lot of things that you can choose for your kitchen as well.

Scandinavian-Inspired Kitchen Gallery Ideas

Kitchen furniture can also be used for your kitchen. Most home owners choose to use cabinets and other furniture pieces for their kitchen. If you are looking for more creative ways to decorate your kitchen, you can consider using the pieces that they already have.

Kitchen cabinetry can make great inspiration to design a Scandinavian-inspired kitchen. Make sure you choose a cabinetry design that is not only functional but also very appealing. This will certainly help your kitchen look more special and will certainly reflect the theme you are going for.

Add decorating ideas by using your existing furniture pieces. You may use framed pictures, photos, and posters as well as mirrors for your kitchen backsplash. Just be sure that you choose materials that are environmentally friendly and will not negatively affect the environment. Sturdy furniture pieces can be used for decorating a kitchen backsplash.

Now that you know how to design a Scandinavian-inspired kitchen, you should work on the other things you need to do such as getting a professional remodel service for your kitchen. This is because you may have some basic issues that you might not be able to get solved without assistance. For example, there could be other problems that arise in your kitchen design and remodeling.

A professional service is a good choice for both your budget and your sense of satisfaction. Always remember that when you redesign a kitchen, it should be a fun experience and not something that you dread.

77 Wonderful Color to Your Small Kitchens

With so many colors available in small kitchens, it can be difficult to find the right colors. However, there are many other colors available that will make your kitchen a home in its own right. By adding some decorative touches and color into your small kitchen, you can transform your small space into something beautiful and very functional.

One of the easiest ways to bring some color into your small kitchens is by adding some colorful cabinet hardware. There are many different sizes and colors to choose from for your kitchen cabinets. From the contemporary black cabinet with stained glass doors to the fresh-looking woodgrain cabinet with an interesting-looking floral pattern, there are so many options available for your cabinets. In addition, you can opt for wood or iron color finishes for your cabinets as well. You may want to consider glass doors that can add even more color to your cabinets if they are small.

Some of the popular colors are blue, green, and red. These colors can add elegance and sophistication to your small kitchen. If you decide to use those colors, try to be subtle with your selection. In addition, avoid using bright colors such as neon or fluorescent lights, since these are not good for those who are sensitive to bright lights. Also, stay away from using too much fabric, because they are not good for those who are sensitive to too much fabric in their kitchens.

Colorful Small Kitchen Gallery Ideas

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It is important to know how much room you have before you start shopping, because the choices you can make for your cabinets can make all the difference in terms of design and create beautiful results if you choose a theme for your small kitchen. One way to design a theme for your kitchen is to use colors from the same family. For example, using hues from the same family such as cherry, almond, and raspberry would be very beautiful. For a simple, yet elegant look, you can also opt for more modern colors such as green and blue.


The important thing is to think about what design you want to achieve. There are many other options available, so you should only pick one option. Also, it is important to stay away from buying too many cabinets because they tend to get cluttered when you have too many of them. A good rule of thumb is to keep your cabinets no less than one inch higher than the top of your counters.

For your countertops, you have many options available, such as the unique and interesting color choices that you can achieve through painting. Most people choose to paint their countertops with a warm shade of blue, but you can also choose to paint it with any of the other colors that you chose for your cabinets. After you have chosen a base color, then you can start to apply the color to your cabinet backsplashes, faucets, and knobs. It is important to carefully select the right paint to be used, because you can damage your countertop with the wrong paint.

When choosing your furniture, you should look for beautiful, durable, and colorful kitchen cabinets to match your color scheme. When choosing your lighting, it is best to use light fixtures with green or blue light bulbs. For a wonderful effect, you can also add some frosted glass with the same green or blue color.

Adding color to your small kitchens will add style and elegance. It is a great way to make your small kitchen into a spacious space that looks more like a home than a kitchen. It is always important to consider your space, but when you want to expand your lifestyle, adding functionality and style, it is important to choose the right color.

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75 Pretty White Kitchen Design And Decoration For Traditional Kitchen

When it comes to White Kitchen Decoration, we all know that you do not want to miss out on the traditional kitchen look. This can be a great addition to your home and give you years of use, without having to replace your old cabinetry or appliances with anything too new and shiny. You may have been thinking that you could just paint it with some of the white wall paper available today but there are a few things that you should know about the actual process before doing so. If you want to use this for your own design and decoration and not the other way around, then follow these easy steps to ensure that your new White Kitchen Design and Decoration are a success.

The whole idea of this paint is to make your kitchen look a bit more like a cabin in a cabin than the everyday kitchen you probably have. You want the walls to reflect light back from the ceiling as well as to reflect light off the floor in front of your countertops. You also want to have a neutral color to the kitchen so you do not end up with an eyesore. After the paint has dried, it is time to add accessories to complete your White Kitchen Design and Decoration.

White Traditional Kitchen Ideas

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To complete your White Kitchen Design and Decoration, you need to consider the other colors that you want to add to your kitchen. If you are going to use this design and decorating technique for your entire home, then you will have a lot of different options to choose from. However, for a smaller kitchen like yours, you will likely need to stick to the lighter wall colors such as white and cream. The same goes for the accessories such as the cabinet knobs and handles. You also want to match the hardware to the color of the cabinets and counters as well as to the overall theme of your kitchen.

80 Refurbished Apartment Kitchen With Refined Attention To Details

Apartment kitchen renovations can make a difference in the comfort of your life and in your finances. One of the most effective ways to improve your kitchen is to replace the outdated appliances. There are plenty of good quality, new appliances available on the market. If you are not sure about the right appliances to buy, you should read some articles about the different kitchen appliances before making a decision. If you go to a home improvement store, there will be a lot of things to look at. The best thing that you can do is to visit an internet site that provides information about the different types of appliances and their uses.

One of the important things to consider when doing a remodeling of your kitchen is to consider the space that you have. You will need to find out how much table space you will need for the equipment you want to install. Get some great ideas for renovations by taking a look at your neighbor’s kitchen. Also consider what type of design is best for your apartment kitchen. For example, if you live in a house that has two bedrooms, you may want to choose a more modern-looking design for your kitchen. However, if you are living in a small apartment, you may want to opt for an older style design. Whatever type of design that you choose, it should be comfortable and convenient for your use.

Apartment Kitchen Gallery Ideas

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Renovation is a very costly process, so you will need to make a careful budget estimate. Also, you should not expect a quick fix to your problem, but rather a completely new look. In most cases, you have to take into account the cost of materials that you will need to purchase. It will be a wise idea to do a thorough research about the various types of remodeling companies in your area. This will help you save time and money.

65 Granite Countertop Colors and Kitchen Cabinets With Quartz Countertops

There are many choices in Granite Countertop Colors that can help you decide how to get the look that you want for your kitchen. The first choice that you will have to make is whether you would like natural. Neutral or design colors on your countertops. Most people prefer to have natural colors, as they do not stress over their kitchen furniture at all. You may be able to have designs on your kitchen backsplash. Which can add a different design that you would enjoy.

Quartz is becoming very popular these days because it adds a classy finish to the kitchen. It is especially good for kitchens that have glass doors and windows. It is also great for kitchens that have stone walls that are actually granite.

Quartz has Two Common Varieties

Argent and Pearl Quartz. Granite countertops can often be painted with any of these colors and finishes, but you will be able to find the one that you like best when you buy the white kitchen cabinets with granite backsplash with quartz counters. Most people do not have any trouble choosing what is right for their kitchen furniture and they are pleased with the way that the kitchen looks.

In the past, it was difficult to have countertops with solid white kitchen cabinets with granite backsplashes because it would look like a white paint job. It would ruin the look of the kitchen, and this is why most people did not have them installed in their homes. Now, it is easy to find kitchen cabinets with these kinds of countertops. As well as tops that are white and quartz.

Quartz has a unique finish that adds sparkle. It is something that many people appreciate. White Kitchen Cabinets with Granite backsplashes is easy to find, and they are a very chic choice for any kitchen that has a lot of white cabinets.

Kitchen Countertops Matched

You can get your kitchen countertops matched to your cabinets with these kitchen countertops and backsplashes in many different colors. You can choose between several different textures. Which can go with your cabinets, and they can match with other design patterns. There are dozens of design ideas for the white kitchen cabinets with granite backsplash. They come in a wide variety of colors, and you will be able to pick the ones that you like best.

If you want to try something a little more rustic. Then you should be able to find White Kitchen Cabinets with Granite countertops. This type of countertop looks great with a natural wood countertop. But it can work with marble, granite slabs that have been polished. These counters can add an interesting accent to your kitchen that has no real design at all. This gives you the look of designing your own kitchen without actually having to do any work.

Quartz and white kitchen cabinets with granite backsplashes are an excellent choice. They are very chic and very classy. They are just what you would expect if you saw them in a glossy magazine. But they are an inexpensive way to make sure that your kitchen counters have a glamorous look that is sure to please.

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