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Cool Frosted Glass Home Decor Ideas

Frosted glass is not just a decor feature used for home decor. It’s a functional thing used strategically in some spaces. Here are some ideas to use frosted glass in a smart way, and maybe here you’ll find a solution to your issues.

Frosted Glass Doors

A frosted glass door is a great idea for any modern space: you divide the rooms in a gentle and subtle way, and natural light goes through this door but you get much more privacy for each room. It can be a door between the rooms, a bathroom door. A pantry door to slightly divide the kitchen and the pantry, or a wardrobe or closet door. If you have an en-suite bathroom in your bedroom, a frosted glass door will be a nice idea.

Frosted glass doors, even with dark framing, separate your spaces gently without visually decreasing the amount of space.

Cover your closet with frosted sliding doors to make it hidden but to avoid a builky closet look in your bedroom.

Stained barn sliding door done with frosted glass. With black frames is a cool solution for a rustic or farmhouse home.

Large pantry divided from the kitchen with sheer and frosted glass doors ans windows lets the light from the window in the pantry go to the kitchen.

Modern home with delicate frosted glass sliding doors. With black handles that separate the spaces in a sutble way without looking heavy.

Sliding glass patio door with black frames is a great solution as it keeps privacy yet lets natural light inside and as it’s sliding, it doesn’t take any space.

Frosted glass laundry door with letters is a cool and fresh idea to try for a modern farmhouse home.

Neutral contemporary space with double-height frosted glass doors. With black framing is a stylish idea to separate the spaces ina delicate way and with style.

Frosted Glass Windows

A frosted glass window is a great idea in a right place – in your bathroom or mudroom. This way you get both privacy and enough natural light. If you think it’s too much, you can always make your window partly frosted and partly usual. Such a solution is often see in bathrooms with windows and such a window adds a modern feel to the decor.

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Cozy Rustic Thanksgiving Table Settings

Rustic is the most natural style for the fall and especially for Thanksgiving table that is all about family, unity and being grateful for everything. Rustic style brings ultimate coziness to any space, even if you use just a couple of touches. That’s why I’d like to show you some beautiful rustic Thanksgiving tablescapes that will make your gathering very homey.

Colors And Styles

Besides going for rustic decor, you may integrate some other styles, too – modern, minimalist, vintage and so on. Think what suits your space most of all and what you’d prefer to see and go for it! As for the color scheme, going rustic is about going natural – green, beige, tan, brown, gold. And of course you may implement all the fall colors you love: rust, orange, burgundy, emerald, grey, purple and many others. Prints are also welcome to create a mood, and if we take rustic style this is usually plaid or maybe buffalo check. Play with traditional for rustic style textures of wood incorporating wooden chargers or placemats. Going for an uncovered table and try metals, for example, candleholders.

Beautiful rustic Thanksgiving tablescape with pumpkins, candles, greenery, black chargers and neutral napkins and a runner.

Beautiful Thanksgiving table setting with mini trees, pumpkins, candles, faux berries, copper mugs and woven placemats.

Bright rustic Thanksgiving tablescape with a plaid runner, gourds and pinecones, bold blooms, berries and neutral pumpkins is fresh.

Bright Thanksgiving table setting with a navy plaid runner and napkins, white pumpkins, greenery, candles and woven placemats.

Thanksgiving tablescape with a greenery and pumpkin runner, striped napkins and neutral placemats, a copper kettle.

Casual rustic Thanksgiving table with a striped tablecloth, heirloom pumpkins and eucalyptus, green glasses and copper chargers.

Colorful Thanksgiving tablescape with a wood slice, corn cobs with bright blooms and berries, a striped tablecloth and green napkins.

Cool rustic table setting with woven placemats, pumpkin plates and pumpkins, greenery and copper mugs.

Cool rustic Thanksgiving tablescape with a striped runner, heirloom pumpkins, pillar candles, green glasses, wood slices and floral napkins.


Create a centerpiece or a table garland that will be the main decoration and that will create a right mood. The most popular idea here is stacked natural pumpkins but there are many more ways to go: faux pumpkins, berries, veggies, fruits, greenery, tree stumps with candles on them, pinecones, antlers and so on – the choice of the centerpiece depends on the combo of styles you’ve chosen.

In case you literally don’t have any space for the centerpiece on the table, you may always style an overhead installation of greenery or blooms. Choose linens that match your color scheme, some of them may be plaid or stiped ones, and pay attention to them as they can bring color and create a mood, too. Accent the napkins with some pretty napkin rings or attach fall leaves, little gourds and other stuff. Rock candles or at least LED lights to illuminate the table and create an intimate atmosphere. Pay attention to details like cutlery, chargers and glasses – they should match your decor and look nice. Get inspired by the ideas below!
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Fresh And New Halloween Decor Ideas You’ll Enjoy

Looking for fresh ways to decorate for holidays? Forget all those usual bold and playful decorations more suitable for kids’ parties and go for something fresh and edgy! How to pull off new and stylish Halloween decor and what to use? Here are some ideas.


The colors here are up to you but I’d strongly recommend to stick to the same color palette you have in the room. You may go for a simple color palette of black and white, maybe grey or tan or you may try color – who said modern decor can’t be bright? Choose hot pink, rust, purple, emerald – anything you like and don’t stick to only traditional Halloween colors. Think of incorporating glitter for a glam feel or pattern you like – stripes, geometry.

Bay window covered with a giant spiderweb and with a spider as the only Halloween decoration in this modern interior.

Bold Halloween mantel with hot pink velvet pumpkins, purple and pink bats and spiders and pink glitter skeleton hands.

A fall leaf, pinecone and pumpkin arrangement can be topped with a single black bird to feel like Halloween.

Matte black pumpkin decorated with white flowers as a moon is a beautiful Halloween decoration.

Modern bright Halloween fireplace with a black bunting, colorful pumpkins, bold blooms and candles plus graphic pillows.

Modern glam Halloween party space done in black, white and pink, with balloon letters and pastel sweets table.

Halloween fireplace clad with white brick, with black signs and artworks, black and white pumpkins and spiders is very stylish.

Niche with shelves and Halloween decor – a patterned pumpkin, a skull in a cloche, a black skull, a skeleton bird and black candles.

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Pretty colorful modern fireplace with pompom garlands, black bat buntings, white and black pumpkins, a sign is all cool.


Remember that stylish and cool Halloween decor doesn’t mean overwhelming the space with all things Halloween, so go for some stylish decorations here and there. Style your fireplace with pumpkins, faux or natural ones, go for pretty black paper bats on the wall, think of a grid gallery wall with scary pics and cover a door or a storage unit with realistic spiderweb.

Attach some spiders to the walls, place skeletons and skulls here and there and don’t highlight them too much – edgy Halloween decor should look like something very natural. You don’t need to show off Halloween decor as if it’s something special, integrate it into the existing decor seamlessly. Decorate pumpkins with stencils, paint or just right on them. With a sharpie too bold and whimsy isn’t for contemporary styling. All the ideas shown below are totally realizable and you will easily make what you need and like yourself. Get inspired!

Stylish Ways To Mix Metals In Your Decor

Having matchy-matchy everything isn’t on trend! Forget this old decor idea and stick to mixing and matching tiles, wallpaper, shades and of course metals. Such an approach allows making renovations more often and without much pain and to easily integrate new pieces that you like into an existing interior. Let’s find out how to mix and match various metals with style and get an edgy interior.

Choose A Dominant Metal

While planning your decor, choose the metal you want to dominate here, it can be copper for a soft touch, or brass for a classic look, maybe chrome for a clean modern look. This metal will be the main one in the space, and you should rock most of metallic details with this finish, they will create the base. Other touches may include other finishes and shades of metal but keep most of them in the dominating metal still, and try not to mix lots of them – 2 or 3 are enough for an elegant look.

Beautiful white farmhouse kitchen with exposed brick walls, brass pendant lamps, chrome appliances and fixtures is cool.

Black kitchen with gold knobs and a chromatic faucet. Gold knobs on the door make the space look very stylish and very chic.

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Bold and very statement space with printed wallpaper. A graphite grey sofa, black side tables, faceted gold coffee tables, chairs with gold legs and brass touches.

Bold contemporary kitchen with grey cabinets, a yellow hood. A grey ktichen island, chromatic fixtures, black stools with brass legs and pendant lamps with a silver finish.

Chic bathroom with a black wallpaper wlal, brass, silver and black metals that look elegant and cohesive in the space.

Chic farmhouse kitchen in white, with shaker cabinets, open shelves. Brown stools with gold legs, gold pendant lamps and chromatic appliances.

A chic modern kitchen with white shaker style cabinets, white stone countertops. A black hex tile backsplash, gold pendant lamps and chrome finish appliances.

Cool bathroom with a gold sink stand, gold fixtures and sconces and mirrors in silver frames, a dark stained chair and basket boxes.

Match The Finishes

To make different metals look fine together, you need the same finish to unify the look. You can go for a polished finish for a shiny touch, or just satin finish that will make the fixture blend with the rest of decor rather than stand out. The type of finish you choose should fit the style you’ve chosen and the effect you want to achieve. For a trendy and bold look polished finishes work well. And for a mid-century modern and contemporary feel satin finishes work best. There’s also oil finish, which brings a touch of antique to the space, and it’s great for vintage and refined interiors.

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Loveseats Are Comfortable For Your Home

Loveseat comfortable is a chair or just a small sofa that you can use in your small space. What are the advantages of such a small sofa? First a small sofa, which makes it perfect for a minimalist house placed at an angle where a large sofa can not fit. Secondly, it’s great if you use it as a sofa, it’s only for one person and nothing will bother you here. Third, it’s good for your relationship! Another name of loveseat is ‘bench kiss’. If you are used to taking your children and pets everywhere and putting them between you two. Loveseat will be a simple and easy to use furniture. Okay, now that we all know how cool Loveseat is, let’s find out where to put it.

The boho room with rattan loveseat with boho pillows, round mirrors and hats on display is a chic corner.

Bright and cool angular color with pink loveseat, coffee table. The beautiful as well as bright gallery wlal makes for a comfortable space.

Bright and glamorous living room with pink loeseat, ottoman, piped table, beautiful floral watercolor on the wall.

A bright maximalist living room with floral wallpaper, a burgundy loveseat, a colorful ikat rug and floral textiles.

Bright corners with matching pink and ottoman loveseats, green cushions, bold artwork, potted plants and blooms.

Cool contemporary space with pink loveseat, gorgeous art, potted plants as well as blooms is a chic and welcoming room.

Comfortable modern corner with open shelves, grey loveseat with bright upholstery, modern medieval tables as well as tiled floors.

A girlish living room with a pink loveseat, pink fluffy pillows, blooms and pink accessories is very cute and chic.

Loveseat Comfortable Inspirational Ideas

The most obvious placement idea is in the guest room, where it can replace or be an addition to a larger sofa. If your living room is small, loveseat can be used, and if you have guests but the sofa is not enough, add loveseat with ottoman suitable. The bedroom can also benefit from loveseat, placing it near the bed. Besides, it’s cool for decoration. You can also put loveseat in the home office and get a wonderful alternative, where you may not have enough space. Get inspired from the ideas below and get loveseat for your home!

A glam girlish look with a pink loveseat and pink and white fur pillows, a faux fur rug and a catchy chandelier.

Glamorous space with gold glass storage unit, pink loveseat, gold mirror and green pillows.

A grey loveseat with a curved back matched the glamorous bedroom and chic neutral shades added a subtle touch of colour.

Lovely childish space with glam coat with floral artwork and pink loveseat with cute pillows.

Navy-feel room with chic modern décor and pink loveseat with space-smoothed pillows.

Neutral living room with loveseat, white table, pink touch is a cute and beautiful space with childish shades.

A refined contemporary living room with loveseat and ottoman, neutral and branch settings that match in a vase.

A neutral Scandinavian living room, with loveseats, built-in shelves as well as bright pillows is a chic space.

A stylish modern living room with a navy loveseat, a pretty coffee table, a jute rug and a lovely gallery wall.

A stylish modern living room with built-in shelves, storage cabinets, a loveseat, a floor lamp as well as a table in the center.

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How to Make Your Outdoor Spring Wreath Last Longer

Outdoor spring wreath, front porch wreaths, front yard wreaths, patio wreaths-these are just some of the many wreaths available. Spring is the perfect time to give your home a fresh, clean look. With all of the color that is now available it’s easy to create beautiful, colorful, spring wreath that your entire family will enjoy for years to come.

An outdoor floral Spring wreath is a great way to brighten up the windows and doors of your home while still keeping with the fresh, green look of the season. A front door wreath is a great idea for the front porch or walkway as an outdoor floral wreath. This outdoor wicker floral wreaths with an attached floral center piece looks so pretty on the front porch. Adding a little character to your front door with a floral wreath adds a touch of whimsy to the front yard of your home.

Spring Wreath Ideas You Can Have

In decorating your home or business, outdoor spring wreath is one of the most beautiful and creative wreaths that you can use to adorn your yard. If you are planning to decorate your outdoor spring wreath then you have to make sure that the wreath design is something that you and your family will love to look at everyday.

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Other springtime wreaths ideas include: Twig, Grape Vine, and Acacia Twig Wreaths. Spring is also the season for many beautiful blooms including tulips, daffodils, daisies, lilies, and many other blooms. Whether you choose a twig wreaths, a grape vine wreaths, acacia twig wreaths, or any other variety for your outdoor floral wreaths, you can be sure it will make your home look its best during springtime. In addition to giving you fresh, green looks throughout the year, outdoor floral wreath adds warmth and ambiance to your lawn, patio, and garden. Not only that, but it adds beauty and value to your property.

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How to Find the Best Favorite Indoor Plant Decoration

When you are looking for the best favorite indoor plant decoration, there are a couple of factors that should be considered first. You will want to look for one that is both attractive and durable. It’s important to remember that plants should be looked after for as long as possible because they need it as much as you do, so making sure they are healthy is important. You also want to look for a plant that is going to last. You will want to make sure that you are not spending too much money on a plant that is only going to grow for a few years. When looking for the best indoor plant, there are a few things that you will want to keep in mind.

One of the best things you can do when looking for indoor plant decorations is to make sure that you are taking care of the plants themselves. You should water them often and make sure that you give them the right fertilizer to keep the soil moist and not dry. If you want your plants to look good, then you need to clean the soil regularly to make sure it is as clean as possible. If you are considering repotting a plant, you should consider the type of plant you have. Many people enjoy growing flowers or vegetables because they are harder to spot. Other types of plants such as shrubs or evergreens need not be reported, but do need to be watered regularly.

Indoor Plant Decoration Ideas

One of the best ways to get the best favorite indoor plant decoration is to look at what others are using. There are a few different things that you can find online that will help you figure out which one of these indoor plant decorations is going to be right for you. There are some very helpful websites that can help you find what you are looking for. You will want to remember that there are many great varieties of plants that you can use for the decoration. If you know what type of plants you like, then you will be able to find something that will look good in your home, regardless of where you live.

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75 Trending Vintage Style Home Decor For Your Sweet Home Decor

Sweet home ornaments are the hottest trend in current trends in style. The trend continues to be around Vintage style. As the Trend picks up, I am surprised at how few kinds of Vintage style are available.

Now we can not expect our wholesale pieces to be available in every store as they will only make a profit on the original piece. There are many reasons for this, however there is one more reason for this. Not all people are aware that not all vintage stores are the same.

There are many different reasons why you may want to buy vintage home decors or pieces. There are some great prices when you look for wholesale pieces and there are others that will charge you hundreds of dollars for the same item. You need to find out which one you can afford before making your purchase.

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Let’s take a look at the following:

Deco Style Piece – In this type of design you are looking for a Victorian style home decor. You will find that this kind of home decor is not as expensive as the other styles, but it will still cost more than a simple piece. If you want to buy a Deco style piece that is a large piece, it is best to make a search for a wholesaler that sells small Deco pieces.

Abstract Style Piece – This type of style is very unique, with pieces that are made with bold colors that sometimes contrast. This type of home decor is a little more expensive than most of the other styles and is not recommended for a new buyer.

Twentieth Century Style Home Decor – There are many types of Home Decor that has been around a long time such as furniture or wall art that is from this type of Vintage style home decor. If you love to have a vintage home decor, this style is the one you want to purchase the piece from.

These are the types of pieces you should consider when you want to find Sweet home decor. You will be able to find your favorite pieces from this type of design in the internet stores that are selling this type of Vintage style design.

66 The Alluring Ways To Display Your Favorite Flowers

There are many types of home decor that can be used to decorate your home, some of the most alluring ways to display your favorite flowers. There are various methods that you can use to display your flowers. Which means you should consider all the options you have.

One of the most alluring ways to display your flowers is with a vase in your living room. Some of the rooms that you can display your favorite flowers. Including the living room, are the dining room, living room, or kitchen. The rooms that are most often decorated with a vase are usually the ones that contain a large number of decorations.

If you have a lot of furniture in your room, like couches and love seats. Then you will want to use the vase in your room as a centerpiece. A vase is most attractive when it is placed in front of a wall. You can easily use a frame to surround the vase to make the room seem more formal and look more organized. Place the vase above the couch or love seat in the center of the room.

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Another way to display your flowers, using the vase as a room decor, is to place the vase in the hallway. In this way, it will appear to be part of the home’s decor. And that you have put thought into the decoration of the home. You can also place the vase in the master bedroom. As well as in the bathroom, which are also popular places for vases. Adding the vase to these areas of the home will give them a sense of style and add a touch of sophistication to the home.

Favorite Flowers Outside of Home

If you have your favorite flowers outside of your home, then you can display them on the patio or balcony. If you have a yard outside of your home, then you can plant flowers to fill the space outside. Adding the flowers to the garden or patio outside of your home will make it appear as if you have spent time there. And will make it appear like you love nature and spend time outside of your home. Flowers look best when they are placed outside, so using a vase as a home decor. And placing them on the patio or balcony, will make them look more homey.

Planting flowers in the wild can be a way to use the vase as a home decor. Plant some flowers that are native to your area, or perhaps some flowers that bloom in the fall. You may find that this method of home decor makes the room look a bit more natural.

An alternative to displaying your flowers in the wild, but still adding the feel of nature, is to plant flowers in the vase in your living room. Consider the plants in your area that can be planted to look natural in your room. Some examples of plants that you can choose are sunflowers, which will bloom in the summertime. Or California poppies, which will look great in the summertime, but will be stunning colors in the fall.

To really get the most out of your vase, try adding a small vase of water and herbs or flowers to hold a container of potted plants. This will add to the beauty of the vase and will add interest to the look of the room. It will also add a touch of class to the room that will make people want to look at it.

72 Home Decorating Ideas That Accent Any Room

Would you like to add to or change the vibe of your condo or home? Are you enriching on a careful spending plan? Do you have pictures sitting in boxes and need to innovatively show them? Do you love the presence of wood and need to actualize carpentry in your home decorating? Have you shopped retail stores yet can’t bear the cost of retail costs?

The following are enlivening tips that can be utilized with wood items that will include character and style to your living space.

Picture outlines

Wood casings can be upgraded by setting a lace from the two sides of the top and afterward balancing it on a metal handle. You can undoubtedly change the lace to various hues to coordinate different shading plans. Skimming picture outlines are an interesting method to show pictures.

Square letters

A scope of hues and sizes make the lettering all the more intriguing what’s, better time. Custom lock letters are extraordinary in embellishing kids rooms specifically. Showing a youngster’s name in wood letters fortifies the kid’s sentiments of significance and self-esteem.

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Wood signs

Vinyl lettering is famous. Statements, uncommon expressions or names can be moved onto wood makes . Wood signs can be unmistakably shown for parlor finishing, room enriching or washroom designing.


There is no restriction to what you can do with a wood rack. They are a fundamental component in numerous homes. Racks are a simple method to modify the look of a room- – simply supplanting the things showed on the rack intermittently. You can inventively as well as economically improve for each occasion with your loved rack.

Shadow boxes

Like wood racks, shadow boxes are a simple and economical approach to change the vibe of a divider. They are an empty and profound wood outline that is cut in different shapes as well as sizes. Dried blossoms in pots, greenery, little puppets, picture outlines, boxed letters and substantially more look dazzling in shadow boxes.

Wood carvings

Turn of the century wood plans were renowned for their lovely and point by point carpentry. The wood creator spent innumerable hours cutting unpredictable structures in their wood pieces. They invested heavily in their craftsmanship. Today, we can accomplish the ideal look of point by point structures by buying bits of expand wood. While revamping cupboards or then again retires, you can stick the wood plans on your thing and afterward paint or recolor over it. This gives your wood an increasingly costly, new look.


Replacing old handles with snappy new bar iron handles, will refresh your wood furniture or cabinetry. Regularly including a bar iron handle onto a plain surface will add character to your wood piece. Adding an iron handle to a wood plaque, for instance, will rapidly transform a basic article into a reasonable apparatus for hanging things on.

Wood Mirrors

Strategically putting mirrors in a littler room, can make a dream that the space is bigger than it really is. It includes profundity as well as measurement to the room.

Wood items will consistently be an adorning essential. There are multitudinous and differing wood complements accessible for the customer. Rearranging a room, or brightening a space just because, can be an engaging and pleasant experience when you have some essential plans to work with. You don’t need to burn through many dollars to change a room into a charming and unwinding condition for your family.