63 Awesome Deck Lighting Ideas to Lighten Up Your Deck

There are a variety of deck lighting ideas to lighten up your deck. Decks can be quite dramatic and can feature a large number of individual deck lights. When you consider the sheer number of different lighting options available. It is easy to see how a little thought and planning can take you to an amazing home design.

A few options that you will want to consider our the deck on one side, the deck on both sides. Deck over decks, over decks and deck over a fire pit. You may decide to add more lighting by adding an outside fountain. A garden table, or perhaps a large wall sconce. There are several important factors to consider when deciding upon which lighting options to include in your deck.

The first factor is how far away from the center of the home your deck will be. If you are fortunate enough to have a large lawn or the patio area is wide. Then you may want to locate your deck as close to the center of the home as possible. On the other hand, if you live in a highly suburban area. Then you may need to locate your deck further from the home. It all depends on where you will be placing your deck.

Large Lawn or The Patio Area is Wide

The next factor to consider is whether you have a one or two-story home. In a one-story home, you will need to locate your deck in a location where it is out of sight and above the level of the pool or sunroom. In a two-story home, the options are more limited. But you can locate your deck in the exact spot you like.

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How much of your deck will be used? The amount of deck you will need will depend on how many guests you invite on a weekly basis and how often you may be entertaining. If you have no guests coming to your home and you rarely entertain guests, then you will not need much lighting and can simply place decking directly on the ground.

Patio deck designs are another option. Patio deck designs generally have a smaller deck than a deck over decks, but with better privacy. With a patio deck design, you will need to make sure your deck design includes a railing that is long enough to keep the pool or sunroom from falling over. It should also be placed with enough clearance to prevent any water from getting in between the railing and the deck.

Patio deck designs can offer plenty of great deck lighting ideas to lighten up your deck. There are many patio deck designs that combine both lighting options and create an aesthetically pleasing design. All it takes is a little planning and a little research.