Beautiful and welcoming neutral living room
Beautiful and welcoming neutral living room

Cozy Living Rooms With Wooden Beams

Wooden beams that used to be a must for constructing the roof are currently part of decor mostly (except for some old houses). Opting to remove or let them stay (or make or not to make faux ones) is tricky. They have both advantages and disadvantages. Let’s take a look at both and at some beautiful living rooms with exposed beams to take the decision.

Faux wooden beams are very affordable. No one who visits your home will be able to tell they aren’t real solid wood beams. But are box wooden beams (that’s much cheaper) and they will add charm to your space.

Wooden beams are easy to install: they are beams created from four sides put together, like a box. When you look at them from below. They look like solid beams of wood, but they are hollow on the inside. You can easily lift them on your own if you are installing them yourself. You also won’t need to add beams or other supports above your ceiling to anchor the beams.


That hollow center of faux wooden beams doesn’t just make box beams easier to install. It also gives them practical functionality. For example, if you want to run track lighting or other light fixtures through your room. You can easily run the wires through the center of the beam. Rather than running it above your ceiling and having to manage the insulation and other materials.

You can get wooden beams in a wide variety of styles to suit the look of your home. They can be made of different woods. Be stained or painted in different colors, and be given a wide variety of embellishments and accents. Wooden beams can also match any space – from a rustic. For which they will look cohesive, to minimalist interiors for a contrast and to provide more coziness.

Beautiful and welcoming neutral living room with dark wooden beams, a large fireplace, a neutral chair with a footrest, built-in shelves and neutral textiles.

Beautiful living room with wooden beams, built-in shelves, a fireplace clad with cocnrete, firewood storage, brown chairs and a rug.

Bright and fresh liivng room with wodoen beams, a blue sofa, neutral chairs, a round coffee table and a grid gallery wall.

Cabin living room with a tall ceiling with wooden beams, a large fireplace clad with stone, neutral seating furniture and a chandelier.

Cabin living room with rich-stained wooden beams, a fireplace clad with stone, neutral seating furniture, a small side table and a lamp.

Catchy living room with industrial touches, with wooden beams and pillars. A grey sofa and a pendant lamp and some industrial wooden furniture items.

Chic living room with dark wooden beams and a pillar, a blue sofa, a brown leather chair and a duo of industrial coffee tables.

Coastal living room with wooden beams, a grey and a neutral sofa, a coffee table, woven chairs, blue and printed pillows and a potted tree.

Cool coastal living room with light-stained wooden beams, neutral seating furniture, blue pillows, a coffee table and a large jute rug.

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