Contemporary kitchen with grey cabinets
Contemporary kitchen with grey cabinets

Stylish Ways To Mix Metals In Your Decor

Having matchy-matchy everything isn’t on trend! Forget this old decor idea and stick to mixing and matching tiles, wallpaper, shades and of course metals. Such an approach allows making renovations more often and without much pain and to easily integrate new pieces that you like into an existing interior. Let’s find out how to mix and match various metals with style and get an edgy interior.

Choose A Dominant Metal

While planning your decor, choose the metal you want to dominate here, it can be copper for a soft touch, or brass for a classic look, maybe chrome for a clean modern look. This metal will be the main one in the space, and you should rock most of metallic details with this finish, they will create the base. Other touches may include other finishes and shades of metal but keep most of them in the dominating metal still, and try not to mix lots of them – 2 or 3 are enough for an elegant look.

Beautiful white farmhouse kitchen with exposed brick walls, brass pendant lamps, chrome appliances and fixtures is cool.

Black kitchen with gold knobs and a chromatic faucet. Gold knobs on the door make the space look very stylish and very chic.

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Bold and very statement space with printed wallpaper. A graphite grey sofa, black side tables, faceted gold coffee tables, chairs with gold legs and brass touches.

Bold contemporary kitchen with grey cabinets, a yellow hood. A grey ktichen island, chromatic fixtures, black stools with brass legs and pendant lamps with a silver finish.

Chic bathroom with a black wallpaper wlal, brass, silver and black metals that look elegant and cohesive in the space.

Chic farmhouse kitchen in white, with shaker cabinets, open shelves. Brown stools with gold legs, gold pendant lamps and chromatic appliances.

A chic modern kitchen with white shaker style cabinets, white stone countertops. A black hex tile backsplash, gold pendant lamps and chrome finish appliances.

Cool bathroom with a gold sink stand, gold fixtures and sconces and mirrors in silver frames, a dark stained chair and basket boxes.

Match The Finishes

To make different metals look fine together, you need the same finish to unify the look. You can go for a polished finish for a shiny touch, or just satin finish that will make the fixture blend with the rest of decor rather than stand out. The type of finish you choose should fit the style you’ve chosen and the effect you want to achieve. For a trendy and bold look polished finishes work well. And for a mid-century modern and contemporary feel satin finishes work best. There’s also oil finish, which brings a touch of antique to the space, and it’s great for vintage and refined interiors.

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