Chic Hardwood Flooring Ideas With Pros And Cons

Floors are a functional element of decor that gives a more personalized look to the space – they can match the rest of it, they can contrast it, highlight it and so on. Hardwood flooring is timeless classics for every home but it has its own advantages and disadvantages like any other type. Is this type of flooring perfect for your home? Let’s consider all the points to understand.

Advantages Of Hardwood Floors

Wood is a very flexible kind of flooring and available in many styles and colors. You can choose from oak, cherry, walnut and other woods, then use different stains and colors to create your own unique look. Best of all, you can refinish or repaint your floors to give the same flooring an update when you wish. Wood planks can be arranged in different formations for a different look and even different widths are available for completely different styles, so this type of floor will match any decor style and any space.

Hardwood floors can be vacuumed or swept. They can also benefit from wood cleaners once in a while, and they do last a long time. Properly maintained floors lasted in century homes for a hundred years or more.

Many homebuyers love seeing hardwood floors, as their stylishness and timelessness can add to the value of your home, so such floors will definitely raise the value of your house.

a chic hallway with white walls and arched ceilings, with light-stained hardwood floors and lovely gallery walls

a chic living room with light-stained hardwood herringbone floors, white built-in and seating furniture, a non-working fireplace

chic vintage-inspired living room with white walls, a large built-in olive green storage unit and a fireplace, lovely furniture and hardwood flooring

a chic white attic space with white oak hardwood floors for a more refined and very relaxing look in the room

a farmhouse kitchen with hardwood floors, white cabinets and a navy kitchen island, gold touches and pendant lamps

a farmhouse kitchen with white cabinetry and a grey kitchen island, several layers of light and warm-colored hardwood floors

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farmhouse kitchen with white cabinets and a slate grey ktichen island, wooden beams and lovely plate pendant lamps plus wooden beams

a lovely lakehouse bedroom in neutrals with hardwood floors and a vintage bed, neutral textiles and a glazed wall with sliding doors

a lovely neutral contemporary space with light-colored hardwood flooring, French sliding doors and chic furniture

lovely ranch space with white walls, a white planked ceiling, wooden beams and hardwood flooring is very inviting

a mid-century modern living room with rich-stained hardwood floors, a fireplace, elegant furniture and glazed walls for a relaxing view

Disadvantages Of Wood Flooring

Hardwood floors will show scuffs, scratches and other wear over time. They can be refinished and will likely require it, especially in high-traffic areas. Refinishing is an expense you will need to consider. You will also want to consider that refinishing will mean you need to move everything out of the room. The process will create dust and noise, so get prepared for this.

Wood floors can be noisier than other options. Unlike carpet and some other floor solutions, wood floors do not absorb sound. You may want to add rugs to muffle the sound.

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