Minimalist attic kitchen
Minimalist attic kitchen

Inspiring And Functional Attic Kitchen Decor Ideas

Many people think that the attic room is a big deal. You will have trouble designing the layout as well as try to squeeze your furniture into the corner of the attic. But I’m here to convince you that it’s not so! The attic kitchen decor can be comfortable and functional as well as can look very stylish. see ideas below!

Colors And Styles

What colors to choose for an attic kitchen? As this is often a small space, a neutral color palette can be a perfect solution. You may refresh the space with dark contrasting touches or with shiny metallics. Of course, you may rock a dark kitchen, too, but if the space is small, it can look even smaller, so I’d recommend this idea only for large attic kitchens. If you are choosing a style, try Scandinavian as it’s usually done in neutrals, go for contemporary or minimalist decor to achieve a sleek look – it is important to declutter a small space to make it look bigger. Modern farmhouse and just modern styles are also a very good idea, just keep the kitchen clean and sleek.

a contemporary white attic kitchen with a blue tile backsplash, white countertops and modern appliances is chic

a cozy attic kitchen clad with wood, with light stained cabinetry, pendant lamps, black stools and skylights

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a cozy small kitchen with large windows and a skylight, vintage ivory cabinetry, black square tiles, a rough wooden table and lots of plants

a grey farmhouse attic kitchen with butcherblock countertops, open shelves and wooden beams, a mirror and a vintage faucet

a grey Scandi attic kitchen with white subway tiles, black stone countertops, open shelves and neutral knobs is chic

a large neutral attic kitchen with a glazed ceiling, sleek white cabinets and countertops, pendant lamps and grey walls

a light blue attic kitchen with sleek cabinets and a kitchen island, a skylight, a potted plant and stools is chic

a lovely attic kitchen with white cabinets, a tall wooden kitchen island and table, a lovely woven lamp and artworks

minimalist attic kitchen with sleek cabinetry, tall stools, skylights, black fixtures looks very stylish and bold

a minimalist attic kitchen with sleek grey cabinets, skylights, potted plants is a chic and stylish space

a minimalist attic kitchen with sleek white cabinetry, a bold red fridge, wooden beams and lights over the spac


First of all, decide what you will have in that attic corner – will these be cabinets? Or a folding table or something else? If you are going for cabinetry, order proper pieces that would be attic, too. If you need a folding table or a seat, order it to make use of this small attic corner. Choose functional kitchen layouts – a galley or an L-shaped one, they will help you save the space and have everything at hand. If the space is really small, a kitchen island can work as a meal space, too. Make sure that you have enough skylights for natural light – it will visually expend the space and let you enjoy the views while cooking. Use lovely tiles for the backsplash and go for chic countertops to make the kitchen more stylish. Get inspired!

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