Beautiful and Functional Bedroom Office Ideas

Everyone seems to be working from home at the moment. And if you don’t know where to make your little home office. I would suggest your bedroom. The bedroom office is one of the most popular ideas because it saves space. Because people who use makeup can use the table as vanity – even more functions! Let’s take a look at some ideas that may inspire you to organize such an office in your bedroom.

If you have enough space, you might want to separate the sleeping as well as working zone. This can be done just visually taking a long angle from the bed. Even with some screen or space divider, it might even be sliding doors indoors. This is especially important if you spend much time int this room. You won’t get tired of seeing all the same as well as will have a separation of relax and work time.


If your bedroom is small, then you can go to a window sill table, or a slim and narrow table. It can also be a retracting desk hidden inside your bed or a storage unit. Your desk can also double as a nightstand if you want it and if your space is really small. If you want something unique and very comfortable for your bedroom. Think of a built-in desk attached to a bed or storage unit, your bed headboard turning into a desk.

a boho neutral bedroom with a large bed, a shared long desk, sheer chairs, an open shelf and potted greenery and boho decor

a bright bedroom with white and tan walls, a dark stained bed. A small home office space with a raised desk as well as a stool

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a chic and creative bedroom with a platform bed with storage and a built-in platform desk plus a black leather chair

chic bedroom with a large bed, a white laconic desk and a chair, neutral textiles is a very elegant space

a chic bedroom with white walls and black and white furniture. Black curtains and a home office hidden behind a curtain

a chic contemporary bedroom with an upholstered bed and a small workspace nook with a ledge gallery wall and a white chair

a contemporary bedroom with wallpaper, a working space by the window. With a built-in desk and a large bed plus a quirky chandelier

a contemporary bedroom with white and grey walls, a large bed with storage and a headboard that turns into a desk

a fun bedroom with a dark carved bed, a white desk and a chair for working, potted plants and a sport top in a shadow box

a gorgeous bedroom with a view through glass walls, a floating desk, storage units and a sitting space by the window


Choose a desk and a chair that match the room in style and colors. This way your working space will look more cohesive and will be perfectly integrated into the room. If you are going to use this desk as a vanity, too, then you’ll need a comfortable big mirror somewhere around. Provide much light – natural if possible or several layers of it if the window is far. Get inspired!

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