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Tile flooring has many more advantages but as with every product, it also has some disadvantages. Let’s consider them all before making a choice! Tiles are very durable as they are moisture resistant and are able to handle high amounts of foot traffic. This prevents deterioration and decreases the likelihood of regular flooring maintenance. Tiles are also impervious to extreme temperatures and do not rot or corrode when exposed to chemical agents or extreme weather. Some tile floorings are glazed or coated with liquid glass to protect them from stains, making them easier to clean. Furthermore, they don’t possess chemically active properties, therefore inhibiting viruses, mold, fungi and other bacteria from developing.

Ceramic tiles don’t need to exploit environmental resources like trees or plants in its construction. You also won’t need to use any harsh chemicals for cleaning which may otherwise be harmful to the environment.

Tiles come in a wide range of sizes, colors, textures, designs, and styles to suit anyone’s taste. And considering all other costs like installation and maintenance, tiles turn out to be more affordable in the long run.

Pros Of Tile Flooring

a boho entryway with a tile floor, a wooden bench, a potted plant, a pendant lamp and a lovely French door is very chic

a breezy and airy entryway with grey and white patchwork style tiles on the floor give interest to the space and make it relaxed

a chic entryway with a lovely black and white mosaic tile floor is a great idea to rock for a modern space

chic farmhouse kitchen with white cabinetry and a navy kitchen island, tall grey stools and copper touches is chic

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chic transitional floor with rich stained laminate and white marble hexagon tiles is a very chic and bold idea

contemporary kitchen with a transitional hexagon and laminate floor, sleek white cabinets and butcherblock countertops plus an accent wall

contemporary Scandi living room with a grey tile floor, a navy sofa with blue pillows, a couple of small tables is chic

cool bathroom with neutral walls and an emerald herringbone tile floor, white appliances and black touches for a modern feel

a creamy kitchen and an ivory kitchen island is spruced up with black and white tiles on the floor is a very stylish as well as cool idea

creative ivory farmhouse kitchen with a tile floor, chic cabinetry with stainless steel knobs and a cool lamp

a famrhouse kitchen with white and bold blue cabinetry. A transitional floor from laminate to hexagon tiles as well as rustic pendant lamps

Cons Of Tile Flooring

Tiles often cause mutual destruction when objects fall on them. Such as glass and on themselves such as cracks and chipping. While tiles are easy to maintain, grout lines require more attention as they are prone to stains and mildew build-up given the amount of wear these grout lines generally endure. This is a manageable issue though with a little vinegar and water to revitalize your grout lines.

Tiles warm up and cool down according to the weather outside. During colder weather tiles may make feet feel colder, however in warmer months tiles inside the home away from direct sunlight have the ability to keep the house cool. Now you have all the details to understand if a tile floor is your thing or not.

a farmhouse entryway with white paneled walls and a navy chevrong tile floor, wooden doors and pendant lamps

a farmhouse entryway with white walls, a navy tile floor and a lovely built-in storage unit with baskets is a very cool idea

a laundry room with grey walls and a grey tile floor. A windowsill bench and a sliding door is a very cool as well as simple idea

a minimalist living room clad with the same tiles – on the floor and fireplace. A bench, potted greenery and baskets for storage

a minimalist space with a tile floor, a large fireplace, a small coffee table with books is a lovely idea to go for

a neutral farmhouse kitchen with skylights, neutral herringbone tiles on the floor as well as white subway tiles on the backsplash is very airy

a laundry could be designed in farmhouse style

a neutral modern bathroom with subway tiles and a marble hex tile floor. A neutral bathtub and dark textiles is a very chic idea

a pretty contemporary bathroom with neutral walls and a bright mosaic tile floor, a floating vanity and a shower space in glass

a small bathroom with white subway tiles and navy hexagon ones on the floor. A wooden bathmat and a potted plant is very cool

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