Refined blue kitchen with a stained kitchen island
Refined blue kitchen with a stained kitchen island

Interesting Herringbone Backsplashes For Kitchen

Kitchen backsplash is the part that saves your walls from dirt and sparks or oil while cooking. There are bricks, hexes, and many other tile backsplashes. Glass and metal backsplashes and many other options to be realized. The herringbone pattern is probably one of the most classic things applied. You can try for your kitchen, it may not be a big trend not but a classic!

What Are Advantages Of A Herringbone Backsplash?

A herringbone backsplash will bring more interest and pattern to your kitchen and will easily fit many styles: modern, farmhouse, contemporary, Scandinavian and so on. Herringbone backsplashes can also bring texture if you take cement tiles, for example, or glossy ones. Let’s find out what types of tiles will fit such a backsplash in details.

Bright blue kitchen in vintage style, with dark countertops, wall-mounted shelves and beautiful white herrignbone backsplash.

Black farmhouse kitchen with white table, herringbone backsplash with black grout and floating shelves.

Chic white farmhouse kitchen with grey herringbone backsplash and white table plus touches of gold and brass.

Contemporary kitchen with white cabinetry, stained kitchen island as well as grey stone table plus herringbone concrete backsplash.

Contemporary blue kitchen with white quartz table, matching blue herringbone backsplash and black touches.

What Tiles Can Be Used For A Herringbone Backsplash?

A herringbone tile backsplash supposes a special type of tyle – skinny ones clad in this pattern as it will be difficult or unreal to clad such a pattern using other types of tiles. These tiles can be of various sizes and of different width depending on what effect you want. If you want a non-obtrusive backsplash, choose smaller sizes and if you want to make a statement, prefer oversized skinny tiles. Try cement tiles and not only usual ones to add texture to your kitchen sprucing up a neutral kitchen with such a backsplash is a brilliant idea! You may also highlight the backsplash with contrasting grout or make it more hidden with matching. Get inspired!

The green kitchen with white table and white herringbone backsplash plus floating shelves looks attractive.

Light blue IKEA kitchen with white table and white herringbone backsplash plus incredible floating shelves.

The wood kitchen is ligth stained with a grey herringbone backsplash slate as well as vintage black lights over the space.

A minimalist pigeon grey kitchen with shiny white herringbone backsplash and brass touches is a stylish and chic idea.

Minimalist light stained kitchen with stainless steel table and herringbone backsplash as well as walls for more interest.

Minimalist white kitchen with sleek wardrobe, white table, navy herringbone backsplash, and attractive lights.

The stained kitchen is fairly light with a white coutnertop and a grey cement herringbone backsplash plus stainless steel appliances.

Smooth blue kitchen with stained kitchen island and white table, white herringbone backsplash as well as floating shelves.

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