Picture of wood cover is a cool idea for a bathtub 6
Picture of wood cover is a cool idea for a bathtub 6

Choosing Wood Bathroom Decor Ideas

How do I incorporate wood into your bathroom décor in a smart way and achieve a trendy look? Wood is not a material often used in high humidity spaces such as bathrooms but is increasingly popular thanks to the spa-like look used.

First of all, keep your bathroom room style rustic and will need more wood than minimalist or contemporary ones. Even a very minimalist or Nordic space can be given a feel with wood. Second, decide what surface to cover with wood, such as ceilings, floors, walls; as for furniture, it can also be made of wood.

Third, choose how to bring the look of wood to the bathroom: you can look for natural wood, or plywood. Even the tiles look wooden, which is probably the easiest solution that does not require much maintenance. As for plywood and wood, it will require renovation from time to time. Such a final result will help your wood features last a long time and look stylish and chic.

Bathroom Wood Cover Image

Wooden Accent Wall

Wooden floors in the shower room paired with wooden ceilings and some stones are another idea for a natural and welcoming space. Guests can create creative wooden slab decorations that rise to the ceiling. Floating wood vanitas, wooden platforms, as well as floor parts will be other modern and fresh options to use.

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